• Linda Mae Roper

A new year, a new beginning

Spring comes around again! The second time since Covid We've been locked down, shut in, Hibernating? Afraid to go forth, But Locked down and shut in, Dear Nature does not give in. Spring has come to the Hudson Valley. Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter too

We prayed and wept and mourned the ones we lost.

But now with Spring, a New Rebirth,

of Hope! Of Joy! Of Songs to praise this Earth.

A time to heal. A time for Mourning still,

This Covid has not left us yet, but there is will

to vaccinate, to protect; help heal us all.

But we must do our bit- now, right now

Wear your mask, Wash your hands.

Keep Your Distance. Tell Your Friends and Neighbors,

Help is at hand if YOU need it.

Just ASK.

If there is anything I can do to help you-

Just ASK.

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