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Prince Philip:
The Queen's Devoted Companion
Robert Jobson



Never just a figurehead, always a driving force, His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, has relished every challenge in his illustrious life. The longest-serving consort to a British monarch in history, his support for his wife and sovereign, Queen Elizabeth II, is unwavering. Explore Prince Philip's role as one half of one of the most celebrated and enduring partnerships of modern times in this fascinating publication.
©2015 Go Entertain (P)2016 Go Entertain

Loved Beyond Compare:
      10 Powerful Birthrights of
         Your Great Unlimited
           Extraordinary Self
by Lee Travathan

 Publisher's Summary, by Keith Leon S.-

I am happy and grateful to support this book and its powerful message. It will bring you peace and joy if you will allow yourself to be open to receiving its messages. 

Lee has a way of touching people deeply through her written word as well as her coaching. This is because her passion to lift people to a higher place is important to her. She is clear that her purpose is to touch and inspire as many people as humanly possible. Her heart is huge, and her knowledge is vast. I know you will be lifted-up by this wonderful book. Let your journey of self-discovery begin. KEITH LEON S.​

©2020 Lee Travathan (P)2020 Lee Travathan

Soul Messengers: The True Story of  a Mystic, a Guardian, and a Businessman.

Annette Childs, Ph.D.

Soul Messengers is a true story that details the miraculous after-life encounters that have been part of Dr. Annette Childs nearly 25-year career working with the dying and the grieving. Annette had always walked between worlds, and this was why her work with those at the end of life had been such a natural fit. However, it was not until meeting the dying Margaret Borwhat, that Dr. Childs would really begin to understand how real and how powerful our allies on the other side can be.

Shortly after Margaret’s death, she began sending a series of inexplicable and unsolicited After Death Communications to her grieving (but non-believing) husband Don. Perplexed, intrigued, and not knowing what else to do, Don turned to Dr. Childs for help in understanding what was happening. What followed was a nearly five-year shared journey between Don and Annette – one that left them both with no doubt that the Afterlife is a very real place, and that those who have seemingly left this world, are never very far away.
©2017 Annette Childs (P)2020 Annette Childs

The Girl With The Green Tinted Hair:
A Miraculous Fable
Gavin Whyte



The Girl with the Green-Tinted Hair is an uplifting fable about life, death, and everything in between. It's about discovering your destiny in the world by trusting your heart and doing what feels right. It's about gaining a deeper understanding of life and learning how to flow with it. It's about accepting the impermanence of all form and staring death in the face with a smile. It's about you and me and everyone we have met and are yet to meet. It'll be hard for you not to see yourself in this mini, inspirational tale.

©2013 Gavin Whyte (P)2015 Gavin Whyte​

The Dark Night of The Soul

Here are short YouTube videos, produced by Gavin Whyte, the author of The Girl With The Green Tinted Hair; each with a brief excerpt of my narration from the full audiobook, set to music, and enhanced with visual imagery. Enjoy!


Dark Night of the Soul.jpg

Dean Moriarty

The Dark Night of The Soul can be a wild ride- full of promises of redemption, and the best cure to save you, where the burnt innocence of your love reaches for you on the other side of the broken bridge of dreams, and all words fall in the failure you see yourself as, and one by one all the promises turn to dust, right before your eyes, in the unfolding of your life as it comes to you, to be burnt and to step out of the ashes anew, like the phoenix rising to fly- but the weight of your darkness is a pressing need, and holds you within its embrace until it has been fully consumed from within. 

©2016 Dean Moriarty (P)2017 Dean Moriarty

a review of my narration of The Dark Night of the Soul, by David H. Lawrence XVII, a noted voice talent, actor, and audiobook coach-- June 5, 2017---

What made the experience of listening to The Dark Night of the Soul the most enjoyable?

This book isn't traditional prose - it's almost poetic in its structure, in Linda Roper's completely enveloping narration.

What did you like best about this story?

I loved that it gives people hope in what could be their darkest hours.

What does Linda Roper bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?

Her lovely and rhythmic delivery is the perfect carrier of this story - this can be really, really heavy stuff - and she's like the wise, kind shaman, holding your hand as you work your way through the book.

On Dragonfly Wings.jpg
On Dragonfly Wings: a Skeptic's Journey to Mediumship

Daniela I. Norris

On Dragonfly Wings: a Skeptic's Journey to Mediumship, is a candid and personal search for the meaning of life, of death and of grief. It aims to give hope to those who have lost a loved one and to those who are about to pass beyond – hope that this is not an end. Written for lay people, rather than experienced spiritualists or mediums, and for anyone who is curious about exploring further, it provides practical tools to help readers find their own spiritual truth and path.
©2014 Axis-Mundi Books (P)2017 Daniela Norris

Journaling Power_.jpg
Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live


Mari L. McCarthy


Journaling Power teaches you how to put the ultimate self-healing tool right at your fingertips--journaling. You'll discover how daily pen-to-paper journal writing leads to self-growth and life-changing transformation. You'll also learn that numerous scientific medical studies prove journaling unleashes a healing agent that empowers your life in ways you've never imagined

Mari L. McCarthy shares her own personal story of health and healing and provides step-by-step guidance on how to use your own Journaling Power Practice to:

  • Reduce physical pain and overcome illness

  • Heal emotional wounds from past traumas

  • Resolve inner conflicts and create self-compassion

  • Conquer limiting beliefs and fears

  • Reconnect with your inner healer

  • Reduce stress and find inspiration

  • Set realistic goals--and discover the motivation to make them happen

  • Create the happiest, healthiest life for your Self.
    ©2016 Mari L. McCarthy (P)2018 Mari L. McCarthy

Heal Yourself with Journaling Power_.jpg
Heal Your Self with Healing Power

Mari L. McCarthy

Harness the Power of Therapeutic Journaling

Overcome the Issues in Your Tissues

Mari L. McCarthy’s international multi award-winning best seller Journaling Power: How to Create the Happy, Healthy Life You Want to Live started a movement.

Now, Heal Yourself with Journaling Power is igniting a revolution!

You’ll discover the life-changing magic of journaling through moving personal stories told by just some of the thousands of people who have tapped into the proven therapeutic power of expressive writing.

These are people just like you, and their challenges are the same ones you have.

Heal Yourself with Journaling Power reveals the inner strength and grace that comes with living your life in the present from the inside out. It will help you transform your life and....

  • Manifest everything your desire

  • Fill you with uplifting positive energy

  • Put you on a path to better health and wellness

  • Give you the inspiration and motivation to live your best life

  • Show you how to use journaling to solve your most pressing problems

The only right way to journal is YOUR way. Just grab a pen and paper and do it!

©2019 Mari L. Mccarthy (P)2019 Mari L. Mccarthy

The Reverend Paltoquet Supernatural Murder Mystery Series

All about India:
Introduction to India For Kids

Shalu Sharma

ISBN-13 : 978-1514763025

If you think this book would help your child to speak and read  the English language, please email me for a free copy of the audiobook.- 

India is one of the oldest countries in the world. But despite its age, there are a lot of things that children do not know about India. They just think that everybody is a Hindu or that everybody is very poor. This way of thinking is especially true in the some regions of the world where people learn about India through what they see in movies and on television shows. There are so many negative stereotypes about India and about the Indian people in general on these forms of media. This creates grave misunderstandings about the true Indian people and the cultural differences that exist throughout the country. This book was written to try to change misunderstandings by teaching children and adults about India. The content of this book breaks through all of the stereotypes and talks about the real India once and for all.
©2015 Shalu Sharma (P)2016 Linda Mae Roper

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