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I go through stages in life....


sometimes literally- I am an actor, I have been on many, many stages-


The New Athenaeum Theater at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, when I performed at the inaugural performance, for the Queen Mum, appearing as Audrey in As You Like It; Scottish Repertory Theater; Edinburgh Festival; Summer School with the British American Drama Academy in Oxford; and many American stages located in the Hudson Valley part of New York State. 


As far as "life" stages: age 15, left school to join the Post Office as a telephone operator; age 17, joined the British Royal Navy; age 21, married a Scottish Naval Officer in The Fleet Air Arm. Had two Scottish sons and lived in 16 houses in Scotland, England, and Nigeria. After 26 years of marriage, continued my education at The Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Professional Theater. Worked in Scottish Repertory Theater under the name "Linda Macintosh". Then, after "being" several other characters, I started searching for myself.


Travelled extensively overland by Mercedes truck, to over sixteen countries- from Kathmandu, Nepal, to Pakistan, India, the middle east; including Iran, Israel, Syria, Jordan, then Bulgaria, Rumania, and Hungary.


Circumnavigated the globe and completed the first ever "Clipper Round The World" yacht race, founded by Sir Robin Knox-Johnson 1996/97. Lived and worked for 14 months in Zen Mountain Monastery, taught by the Zen Master John Daido Loori.


Found my soul mate and settled in Poughkeepsie New York, USA, where we created our own Japanese Garden. I have 4 beautiful sisters, two sons and 5 wonderful grandchildren, all "Over the Pond", so I narrate books, some I choose especially for them.


There is a bit more, but for "now" I am focusing on the now- Narrating other peoples lives and stories for ACX and Audible.com. Studying my "Authentic Voice" with Chloe Goodchild and working on my "Money Story". As Lee Travathan says, "Money goes where it is loved and invited."