Soul Messengers:


The True Story of a Mystic, a Guardian, and a Businessman

by Annette Childs, Ph.D.

Soul Messengers is a true story that details the miraculous after-life encounters that have been part of Dr. Annette Childs nearly 25-year career working with the dying and the grieving.


Annette had always walked between worlds, and this was why her work with those at the end of life had been such a natural fit. However, it was not until meeting the dying Margaret Borwhat, that Dr. Childs would really begin to understand how real and how powerful our allies on the other side can be.


Shortly after Margaret’s death, she began sending a series of inexplicable and unsolicited After Death Communications to her grieving (but non-believing) husband Don. Perplexed, intrigued, and not knowing what else to do, Don turned to Dr. Childs for help in understanding what was happening.


What followed was a nearly five-year shared journey between Don and Annette – one that left them both with no doubt that the Afterlife is a very real place, and that those who have seemingly left this world, are never very far away.
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Reviews, comments, on this spiritual and profound audiobook.

“Upon meeting Annette some years back, I was immediately overcome with the sense that this woman had a message to share with the world.”

Andy Lakey Author of Art, Angels, and Miracles


The author of one of my previous narration projects, The Girl With The Green Tinted Hair, wrote a blogpost about Soul Messengers , and about my work with him:


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